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Bosnia and Herzegovina has many beautiful natural beauties, and one of the best adventures is hiking.

The mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina belong to the Dinaric Massif, whose trails have been selected by the National Geography into the top 10 destinations for hiking in the world in 2017.

Taught by years of experience, in our offer you can find all the most beautiful mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. All hiking activities can be organized as one-day or multi-day, so with the included food and accommodation or without food and accommodation. Creating our offer, we thought of all the guests, both for those who like alpinism and adrenaline, as well as those who enjoy in landscapes and easy hiking. If you need our help in creating your hiking adventure, contact us through the Contact page. 


Maglic mountain hike adventure

In addition to these mountains, we organize trips within the National Park Durmitor, which is located in Montenegro.  We also arrange transportation to our start point from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia. See our Transport page.

Take a look at our offer and choose your unforgettable hiking adventure in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

3 days

Extreme adventure

Extreme adventure is a combination of 3 activities that offer the biggest dose of adrenaline in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Hiking tour of Zelengora lakes

Hiking tour of Zelengora lakes

Glacier lakes and hilly peaks make Mount Zelengora, for many visitors, the most beautiful mountain not only in BiH but also in the entire Balkans.
durmitor-bobotov kuk higheast mountain peak in montenegro

Highest mountain peak in Montenegro (Bobotov kuk)

We take you to the highest mountain peak in Montenegro, where are the most beautiful views of this small but very beautiful country.
2 days
Hike adventure National park Sutjeska

Sutjeska National Park Hiking

Sutjeska National Park is the largest and oldest park in Bosnia and Herzegovina and there is the best hiking adventures.
3 days
Via dinarica trail adventure

Via Dinarica Trail Adventure

In the Via Dinarica Trail adventure, we will visit the Zelengore lakes, the highest peak of Zelengore (Bregoc), the rainforest Perucica, Trnovacko lake and the highest mountain peak in BiH, (Maglic).
(1 Review)
Hike Zelengora mount

Zelengora Mountain Hiking

Zelengora mountain located in National Park Sutjeska and many visitors to call as the queen of the mountains. See why this is so.
(1 Review)
Hiking highest mountain peak in bosnia and herzegovina-maglic

Highest mountain peak in BiH-Maglic

In Hiking Maglic adventure we take you to highest mountain peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where dreams to become reality.
(8 Reviews)
Perucica ranforest-hiking adventure

Perucica rainforest hiking

Perucica rainforest is hiking adventure in oldest and biggest rainforest in Europe.
(1 Review)
trnovacko lake hiking bosnia and herzegovina-montenegro

Trnovacko Lake Hike Adventure

Trnovacko lake has an incredible heart shape and he is located below the highest mountains of BiH and Montenegro.
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