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Montenegro adventures

The geographical position of the Adventure BiH organization allows us to organize the best Montenegro adventures as well as adventures in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If we exclude adventures related to the sea, all other adventures are related to the northern part of Montenegro. Therefore, in addition to base camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina, depending on the activity, our organization also has base camps in Montenegro.

Given that Durmitor National Park is the most popular place in Montenegro and contains extremely beautiful natural beauties, we organize hiking tours to the highest peak, Bobotov Kuk. Of course, in addition to this tour, we can also organize all other hiking tours in the Durmitor National Park.

Canyoning is a new sport in the world and brings very good adventures. Nature was also generous when it came to this type of activity. Thus, we organize a canyoning tour in Nevidio Canyon, which offers a handful of adventure activities.

There is also the largest zip line in Montenegro. Zip line combined with a photo safari tour in Durmitor National Park represents a very popular Montenegro adventure.


Waterfall adventure Durmitor

In addition to these activities, we also organize other very popular activities, such as horse riding and cycling on the slopes of the Durmitor National Park. There is also rafting on the Tara River, cruise on Lake Piva and a zip line above Piva Lake.

It is difficult to describe all the adventure activities offered by Montenegro. You can find a wide repertoire of activities on our website. 

durmitor-bobotov kuk higheast mountain peak in montenegro

Highest mountain peak in Montenegro (Bobotov kuk)

We take you to the highest mountain peak in Montenegro, where are the most beautiful views of this small but very beautiful country.
zip line canyon Tara bridge

Zip Line Canyon Tara + Jeep Safari

Gather courage and embark on the highest zip line canyon Tara adventure in the Balkans with a jeep safari tour of Durmitor.
(2 Reviews)
The best canyoning tour Nevidio canyon

Nevidio Canyon Tour

Move your limits and experience an unforgettable Nevidio Canyon Tour.
(4 Reviews)
Piva lake cruising Montenegro

Cruising Piva Lake Adventure

Cruise Piva Lake through numerous mountain bends.

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