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Bosnia and Herzegovina

The consequences of the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina have made the natural attractions of this small country forgotten. After the mutual reconciliation betwen people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the number of tourists from year to year is becoming many and many exploring natural phenomena and embarking on various adventures.

Together with us meet and enjoy the most exciting adventures of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Did you know that in Bosnia and Herzegovina there is a river Tara which, with its rapid river flows, made the deepest canyon in Europe and the second in the world, just behind the Colorado canyon? Enjoy with us in an unforgettable rafting adventure in the deepest canyon in Europe.

Were you in the biggest and oldest rainforest in Europe? We guide you through the adventures of the Perućica rainforest to the 75-meter-high Skakavac Waterfall, which is at the very heart of the biggest rainforest in Europe.

Do you know how to be on the roof of Bosnia and Herzegovina? Hiking with our guides and enjoy the view from the highest mountain peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maglic high 2386 meters above sea level. See also our offer for other hiking adventures

Did you know that there is a natural lake in the shape of a heart? For all nature lovers we organizing trips to the most beautiful lake in the world, Trnovacko Lake.

Together with us explore an underground world in which lived prehistoric bears old over 40,000, whose skeletons you can see there.

One of the new and most challenging adventures in the world is canyoning. With the help of our professional guides, overcome various obstacles that the canyon has prepared for you.

In addition to all these adventures we organizing a number of others, such as rock climbing, photo safari, riding horse, via ferrata, zip line, cruising the lake, mountain biking, as well as touring the cities of Sarajevo and Mostar.

National Geography ranked Bosnia and Herzegovina in top ten most attractive countries.

Take a look at our offer and choose your life story.


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