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After professional work and long experience in extreme sports, we decided to establish an organization that will provide all the nature lovers of the best adventures in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During professional extreme sports, we are decided to make highlight the best adventures in Bosnia and Herzegovina and enable everyone who wants to get to know our country in the best way. We have transformed our enormous experience into the offer, and it is up to you to choose your life story that you will never forget, and we are sure that you will come back again.

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Since Bosnia and Herzegovina is very rich in natural beauty and the most attractive areas in the eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, hence our decision to base our camp on this part of our country, near Foca city. We also organizing transportation for you to our camp from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia.

We singled out as the only organization that encompassed all the best adventures of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and everyone can find an adventure for yourself. About our great experience and the way how we choose the adventures, look at the page about our guides.


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