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No achievement in life, no peak climbed and no journey to the remotest part of the world can be fully appreciated if there is no friend with you to share the joy. It is for this very reason that Adventure BiH was established – to share with you the wide experience gained by a small group of people in expeditions, explorations and adventures over the past fifteen years.

The founders of the organization, as well as our guides through their long-term involvement in extreme sports, in 2009 decided to turn their experience into a tourist offer. Guided by quality, not quantity, on our site you can find the most interesting adventure offers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this way, we cover the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In all adventure activities, our primary goal is your safety as well as the best possible experience. Our founders as well as guides are professionally engaged in extreme sports and have International licenses for all these activities. We gather some of the best alpinists in Bosnia and Herzegovina who have climbed numerous peaks of the Alps, the Pamir mountain massif over 7000 meters above sea level, the Andes and the Himalayas. Our rafting guides are participants in wild water rafting competitions and have IRF (International Rafting Federation) licenses. We also have the first canyoning guides in Bosnia and Herzegovina who, with instructors from Slovenia and Austria, went through a large number of extremely difficult canyons and are licensed by the Slovenian Canyoning Association.


adventure bih team
Our team guides on an expedition to the highest peak of the Alps

In accordance with our offer, in order to reduce the travel time, we are not tied to only one accommodation place. So depending on the activity we offer different types of accommodation at a high level. Read more about our accommodation.

With all the adventurous activities, accommodation in a natural environment, one of our priorities is for our adventurers to feel nature in the right way, without big crowds, loud music … we want to experience nature in the right way. with an emphasis on nature conservation in our adventures you will enjoy homemade organic food which you can read more about in our food menu.

Our motto is to live naturally and experience nature!




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