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River Tara springs at 1850 meters above sea level at the foot of the Komovi mountain. The total length of the river Tara river is 141 km where it connects with the river Piva, making the new river Drina. Rijeka Tara is a clean, clear, green, winding and fast mountain river, which make the most beautiful canyon of Europe. Each visitor admire this beautiful and magnificent part of nature. River Tara is protected by law as a monument of nature. The Tara river is rich in fish. Its sparkling rapids your story will make the unforgettable.

We arrange for you three arrangements of this activity. One that is most attractive, rafting the last 20 kilometres of the Tara River. The second adventure is 45 kilometers long, from where Tara begins to separate 2 states, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. And the third adventure for most visitors and the best, 90 km rafting Tara, with one or two overnight stays in the river canyon of your choice. Check out our offer.

Rafting tara river deepest canyon in Europe

Rafting Tara River Adventure

Rafting on Tara river in the deepest canyon in Europe and the second in the world under UNSECO protection.
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3 days
Canyon Tara river expeditionary rafting

Expeditionary rafting on the Tara River

Expeditionary rafting through whole Tara Canyon, 90 kilometers of adventure.
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