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Sutjeska National Park

Sutjeska National Park is a natural pearl of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The greatest natural resources of Bosnia and Herzegovina are located precisely in the Sutjeska national park.
Thus, the highest mountain peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maglic mountain, is located within the park. Climbing the Maglic mountain together with the Trnovacko lake is the most popular hiking tour in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to scientists, the last preserved rainforest in Europe is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e. in the Sutjeska National Park. The most popular tour in the Perucica rainforest is a visit to the Skakavac waterfall, and we definitely recommend you to visit this untouched gem of nature that is impossible to find today.

Zelengora mountain, a beauty among mountains. Many visitors call this mountain the most beautiful mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This mountain is also located in the Sutjeska National Park.

Hrcavka River. The only river in Bosnia and Herzegovina that offers an unforgettable canyoning adventure. Numerous waterfalls, pools, slides, all of that is found in this canyon.

Hike adventure National park Sutjeska

Of course, it is impossible to describe Sutjeska National Park in a few sentences. These are just some of the beauties you can see. Within our offer, every adventurer can find his unforgettable adventure. Contact us and create your dream adventure.

Hiking tour of Zelengora lakes

Hiking tour of Zelengora lakes

Glacier lakes and hilly peaks make Mount Zelengora, for many visitors, the most beautiful mountain not only in BiH but also in the entire Balkans.
Hike Zelengora mount

Zelengora Mountain Hiking

Zelengora mountain located in National Park Sutjeska and many visitors to call as the queen of the mountains. See why this is so.
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Hiking highest mountain peak in bosnia and herzegovina-maglic

Highest mountain peak in BiH-Maglic

In Hiking Maglic adventure we take you to highest mountain peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where dreams to become reality.
(8 Reviews)
Perucica ranforest-hiking adventure

Perucica rainforest hiking

Perucica rainforest is hiking adventure in oldest and biggest rainforest in Europe.
(1 Review)
trnovacko lake hiking bosnia and herzegovina-montenegro

Trnovacko Lake Hike Adventure

Trnovacko lake has an incredible heart shape and he is located below the highest mountains of BiH and Montenegro.
(1 Review)

Canyoning Hrcavka Canyon

Canyoning Hrcavka is the best canyoning adventure in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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Mountain biking in National Park Sutjeska

Mountain Biking-NP Sutjeska

Enjoy in mountain bike in the Sutjeska National Park where is the best mountain biking trails.
(1 Review)
Horseback riding National Park Sutjeska-Bosnia and Herzegovina

Horseback Riding-NP Sutjeska

Explore the green landscapes of National Park Sutjeska with horseback riding.
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Canyoning Hrcavka Whole Canyon

Adventure throughout the canyon of Hrcavka river only for adventurers of good fitness and extreme canyoning.
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Photo safari tour in National park Sutjeska

Photo Safari-Sutjeska National Park

Record the unforgettable and unreal beauty of Sutjeska National Park through the lens of your camera in photo safari adventure.
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