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Multi-day adventures

Multi-day adventures are created of our choice. If you wish you can make your own multi day adventure from activities in our offer. If you need help, contact our managers and make your unforgettable adventure in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also possible to organize multi-day adventures with different places of accommodation.

2 days
Hike adventure National park Sutjeska

Sutjeska National Park Hiking

Sutjeska National Park is the largest and oldest park in Bosnia and Herzegovina and there is the best hiking adventures.
3 days
Hiking tour in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Unforgettable relaxing adventure

In this unforgettable relaxing adventure you will enjoy horseback riding on the mountain, rafting on the river Tara and hiking with a tour of the lakes on the mountain Zelengora.
3 days
Adrenaline adventure Bosnia and Herzegovina

Adrenaline adventure

Adrenaline adventure activity encompasses, climbing on Maglic mountain, which is the highest mountain peak,  rafting in the deepest canyon in Europe-Tara river, as well as go through an unforgettable canyoning adventure in canyon river Hrcavka.
3 days
Via dinarica trail adventure

Via Dinarica Trail Adventure

In the Via Dinarica Trail adventure, we will visit the Zelengore lakes, the highest peak of Zelengore (Bregoc), the rainforest Perucica, Trnovacko lake and the highest mountain peak in BiH, (Maglic).
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2 days
Mountain Maglic hike adventure

Maglic Mountain Hike Adventure

Maglic mountain hike activity on the highest mountain peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina with an overnight stay on Trnovacko Lake.
(1 Review)
3 days
Canyon Tara river expeditionary rafting

Expeditionary rafting on the Tara River

Expeditionary rafting through whole Tara Canyon, 90 kilometers of adventure.
(1 Review)

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