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Canyoning is the ultimate adrenalin adventure. The fine art of canyoning uses every part of your body and requires all kinds of skills – scrambling, climbing, jumping, sliding, abseiling, swimming and shouting “yeeehaaa” as often as you dare. 

Our canyoning tours are a fun and lighthearted way to discover the amazing sport of canyoning. 

You do not have to worry about the cold. We use the best suits for this type of sport that will make your adventure the maximum. The whole adventure takes place under the watchful eye of our guide.

We offer you two canyoning adventures: Canyoning Nevidio and Canyoning Hrcavka. These two canyons are different. The canyon Nevidio has many jumps in the pools, and the canyon Hrčavka has a many abseil down battom waterfalls.

The best canyoning tour Nevidio canyon

Nevidio Canyon Tour


Move your limits and experience an unforgettable Nevidio Canyon Tour.

(4 Reviews)

Canyoning Hrcavka Whole Canyon


Adventure throughout the canyon of Hrcavka river only for adventurers of good fitness and extreme canyoning.

(1 Review)

Canyoning Hrcavka Canyon


Canyoning Hrcavka is the best canyoning adventure in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

(1 Review)

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