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Reservation + Payment

Do you organize private tours?

Yes we do. We are organizing private tours upon request. Please, contact us via email address: office@adventurebih.com with any necessary questions you might have.

If I’m going on a trip alone, can I book a tour at Adventure BiH for myself or should it be at least 2 people coming?

We are offering some tours for 2 people, but if you’re interested for any tour which demands at least 2 people, but you’re traveling by yourself, we can put you on the waiting list or contact you if more people book the same trip your looking for.

Which currencies do you accept?

We process all payments in BAM (Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark) but all prices on our website are quoted in EURO. Conversion is accounted on average daily exchange rate.

How to pay?

To confirm your reservation you’ll need to make a deposit = 30% of total amount of the arrangement you wish to reserve, and the rest of the price you’ll pay once your tour is over, right here, on the spot (EUR and BAM).

Method of payment we use is PayPal. You’ll need to send us your e-mail address so that we can send you a request for payment.

Unfortunately we’re not able to accept credit cards as a method of payment.

Notice: Once you make a deposit you will receive a tourist voucher that you’re not obliged to print or bring to us.

How to book an adventure at Adventure BiH?

There are several methods to book your tour at Adventure BiH club:

  1. Firstly, you can make a reservation of almost all of our tours, right here on our website. There’s a “booking button” on each tour page.
  2. If you have more questions and you maybe need more information about the arrangement, you can send us e-mail with tour request you wish to book. This is our questions and booking e-mail address: office@adventurebih.com. The only thing we need to know is your name and number of people you wish to make reservation for. Also, your own contact information will be needed (e-mail address or phone number).
  3. You can call us or send an SMS directly to our phone number: +387 65 946-072. You can use Viber and WhatsApp too.


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