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durmitor-bobotov kuk higheast mountain peak in montenegro

Highest mountain peak in Montenegro (Bobotov kuk)

1 day
We take you to the highest mountain peak in Montenegro, where are the most […]
Hike Zelengora mount

Zelengora Mountain Hiking

Zelengora mountain located in National Park Sutjeska and many visitors to call as the […]
(1 Review)
Hiking highest mountain peak in bosnia and herzegovina-maglic

Highest mountain peak in BiH-Maglic

In Hiking Maglic adventure we take you to highest mountain peak in Bosnia and […]
(8 Reviews)
trnovacko lake hiking bosnia and herzegovina-montenegro

Trnovacko Lake Hike Adventure

Trnovacko lake has an incredible heart shape and he is located below the highest […]
(1 Review)
2 days
Mountain Maglic hike adventure

Maglic Mountain Hike Adventure

Maglic mountain hike activity on the highest mountain peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina with […]
(1 Review)
Hiking Prenj mountain-Zelena glava

Prenj mountain (Zelena glava)

4h 30 min
Adventurous ascent on the Zelena glava, the highest peak of the Prenj mountain.
(2 Reviews)

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